(Solved) : Two Joints K1 And K2 Are Mapped In The Vicinity Of Proposed . . .

Two joints K1 and K2 are mapped in the vicinity of a proposed surface mine. Joints in set K1 have dip directions of 110◦ and dips of 38◦; joints in set K2 have dip directions of 147◦ and dips of 42◦. Determine if potential wedge failures may form, and if so, what the dip direction and dip of the lines of intersection would be, and the range of bench face azimuths that should be examined more closely for slope stability. Sketch the data and results. Note: Formula for a joint plane normal (nx ny nz): (sin (δ) sin (α), sin (δ) cos (α), cos (δ)). Also, the components of a unit normal vector to a joint in set K1 are (0.5785, −0.2106, 0.7880).

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