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Writing Improvement Exercise: Evaluating Bad-News Statements

Your Task.
Discuss the strengths or weaknesses of the following bad-news statements.
a. Although we had hoped to do so earlier, we cannot repaint your offices until January 1.
b. Frankly, we like your résumé, but we were hoping to hire someone a little younger who might be able to stay with us longer.
c. I’m thoroughly disgusted with this entire case, and I will never do business with shyster lawyers like you again.
d. We can assure you that on any return visit to our hotels, you will not be treated so poorly.
e. We must deny your credit application because your record shows a history of late payments, nonpayment, and irregular employment.
f. In a confidential company memo: I cannot recommend that we promote this young lady into any position where she will meet the public. Her colorful facial decoration, as part of her religion, may offend our customers.

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