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Writing Improvement Exercises: Bulleted and Numbered Lists
a. Use the following wordy instructions to compose a concise bulleted vertical list with an introductory statement: To write information for a Web site, there are three important tips to follow. For one thing, you should make the formatting as simple as possible. Another thing you must do is ensure the use of strong visual prompts. Last but not least, you should limit directions that are not needed.
b. Revise the following wordy paragraph into an introduction with a list. Should you use bullets or numbers? Producing excellent digital prints that equal what you see on your computer monitor is the most frustrating aspect of digital photography. You don’t have to be frustrated, however. If you follow three steps, you can improve your prints immensely. I recommend that you first calibrate your screen. You should use the Pantone Spyder to do that. Next you should image edit your photo so that your image looks natural and balanced. The final step involves configuring your printer and using the correct type of paper.
c. Revise the following wordy information into a concise bulleted list with category headings: Our attorney made a recommendation that we consider several things to avoid litigation in regard to sexual harassment. The first thing he suggested was that we take steps regarding the establishment of an unequivocal written policy prohibiting sexual harassment within our organization. The second thing we should do is make sure training sessions are held for supervisors regarding a proper work environment. Finally, some kind of official procedure for employees to lodge complaints is necessary. This procedure should include investigation of complaints.

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