(Solved) : Writing Improvement Exercises Opening Paragraphs The Following Opening Paragraphs Are . . .

Writing Improvement Exercises: Opening Paragraphs The following opening paragraphs are wordy and indirect. After reading each paragraph, identify the main idea. Then, write an opening sentence that is more direct.
a. Our management team would like to find additional ways to improve employee motivation through recognition and reward programs. The current programs do not seem to generate an appropriate level of motivation. Because we need input from employees, we will be conducting an extensive study of all employees. But we will begin with focus groups of selected employees, and you have been selected to be part of the first focus group.
b. Customer service is an integral part of our business. That’s why I was impressed when three of you came to me to ask if you might attend a seminar called “Customer Satisfaction Strategies.” I understand the seminar will take place March 15 and will require you to miss a full day of work. This memo is to inform the staff that Ellen Tucker, Ryan Ho, and Sal Avila will be gone March 15 to attend the conference on customer service and satisfaction.

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