(Solved) : You Are A New Program Manager With Responsibility For Significant . . .

You are a new program manager with responsibility for significant funding and external relations, and because of downsizing issues in your area, you have lost two valuable employees (actually 1.5, because the second person is on half time now; she used to be your manager and was the person under whom you trained). You have been in the new job approximately two weeks; however, you have been in the unit for more than a year and seen how systems are man- aged, from your manager’s perspective. You now have her job. Out of the blue, a senior person (not in your area) comes to you and says he is taking most of your space (when the company had to let the 1.5 people go). He doesn’t ask your permission, nor does he seem the least bit concerned with what your response is. What do you do?

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