(Solved) : You Are A Talent Scout For A Professional Sports Team . . .

You are a talent scout for a professional sports team. Over the years, the players you have recommended have had outstanding performance records for your team. Indeed, although you are only in your late thirties, you are frequently cited as the top talent recruiter in the entire league. You have read and reread the study guide on knowledge management that your general manager provided you two weeks ago. In addition to some basic definitions and discussion of KM, it includes several examples of successful applications of KM to the selection of top recruits for academic and athletic scholarships. Now you are sitting in your hotel room staring at the email from the general manager. He wants you to become the subject of a KM experiment for the team. He plans to assign an expert in KM to study and document your approach to identifying top talent. The goal is to train the other three talent scouts for the team in your approach. He asks if you will participate in the experiment. How do you respond to this email?

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