Some Employees Are Encouraging And Setting Up Preventive Healthcare Programs

Some employees are encouraging and setting up preventive health-care programs. Here are the percentages for five unhealthy behaviors for individuals with some college education: current cigarette smoker (22.9%), five or more alcoholic drinks at one sitting during at least once in the past year (30%), physically inactive (30%), obese (25.2%), or sleep less than 6 hours per day (30.3%).
Suppose you own a business. About a quarter of your employees smoke and an even higher percentage are overweight. You decide to implement a mandatory health program that requires employees to quit smoking and to exercise regularly, with regular monitoring. If employees do not participate in the program, they will have to pay their own insurance premiums. Is this fair?
YES: It is the responsibility of management to try to maximize a company’s profit. Employees with unhealthy habits drive up the cost of health insurance because they require more frequent and more costly medical attention.
NO: What people do on their own time is their own business. This represents an invasion of privacy, and is a form of discrimination.

Write a response indicating your position regarding the situation. Provide support for your view.

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