Stakeholder analysis assignment | Information Systems homework help


Using the DMV Case Study and the Stakeholder Analysis Exercise spreadsheet provided, you are to complete the columns of the spreadsheet for each of the ten stakeholder groups listed on the spreadsheet.

First, explain the interest or concern that the stakeholder has in the development of the EA. Then, identify their “class” or role in the EA as one of the four shown above (Key Player, Keep Satisfied, Keep Informed, or Minimal Effort). Finally, explain your reasoning for selecting the class/role that you did.

Important: You are not being graded on whether you picked the “correct” stakeholder involvement (i.e. key player, keep satisfied, keep informed or minimal effort). You might see your Security Officer as a key player or as a stakeholder needing to be kept informed. This is fine. What is important is that you provide a solid reason for why you chose this classification as it relates to the interest/concern area. Please only pick one “class” or role per stakeholder

Complete the spreadsheet and submit it via your Assignments Folder by the due date shown in the class schedule. Note: The filename of your submission should include your last name. An example would be: Smith_Stakeholder_Analysis.xls.