Strategies for avoiding fallacies | Reading homework help


A fallacy is an error in reasoning. An argument commits a fallacy when the reasons we offer do not support our conclusion. Understanding and being able to identify fallacies assists us in spotting fallacy arguments and keeps us from being easily mislead or deceived. The following video presents eight distinct fallacies: 

Video link:


Present a 600 word essay describing a specific fallacy from the video and presenting at least two strategies for avoiding this fallacy. Define and describe the fallacy. For example, if you select the post hoc, you want to define the post hoc and discuss what occurs in the post hoc. Describe the error that is committed in the fallacy. In other words, what’s wrong with the argument? Identify two strategies that will help you in avoiding this fallacy. You can choose strategies presented in the class or create your own strategies that you think will help you in avoiding this type of fallacy.

-APA format

-A title page

-One-inch margins

-12-point font, double-spaced

-500 Words

-A reference page

-Include sources, and be sure to cite them in the body of the paper and include them on the reference page.