The acronym sohcahtoa is often used in trigonometry. what do you


Question #1: A guy wire is 13.5 m long. It supports a vertical power pole. The wire is fastened to the ground 9.5 m from the base of an 8.7 m tall pole. Calculate the measure of the guy wire and the ground.

Question #2: A 5.0 m ladder is leaning 3.7 m up a wall. What is the angle the ladder makes with the ground?

Question #3: A kite has a string 100 m long anchored to the ground. The string makes an angle with the ground of 68 degrees. What is the horizontal distance of the kite from the anchor?

Question #4: A ladder is leaned 10 m up a wall with it’s base 6 m from the wall. What does the ladder make with the ground?

Question #5: The acronym SOHCAHTOA is often used in trigonometry. What do you think each letter stands for and give an example finding either an unknown side or an unknown angle using a portion of this acronym.
This here I have no idea.