The country analysis assignment | History homework help

July 11, 2011

UNST 138A: Globalization


Country Analysis

One of the major goals of this term is to better understand the nature of development, understood not only in terms of economic growth, but also in terms of improvement in the quality of life. In order to do so, a basic understanding of some of the major economic and social indicators is necessary. This corresponds to the University Studies goals of teaching quantitative literacy in communication and to its goal of studying the diversity of human experience. We will compare a sample of assignments when everyone has completed them. Finally, as you do this assignment you should study the indicators below. This will help you on the exam. You may be asked to draw on your country analysis as part of the final exam.

Listed below are terms under four headings: General Information; Economic Indicators; Government; and Quality of Life. Find information for all of the terms below. Include the source from which you took your information in brackets, e.g., United States, GDP per capital, $47,200, PPP, US dollars (World Bank).

There are many sources that provide information. Some useful resources include:

·         World Bank,

·         International Monetary Fund (IMF) Data and Statistics,

·         CIA – The World Factbook,

·         United Nations Human Development Report,

·         Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD),

·         World Trade Organization, International Trade and Tariff Data,

·         United Nations World Food Programme,

·         The Economist Intelligence Unit (requires subscription)

If possible, you should also check statistics published by the country you are investigating.

Please download this form from D2L and type in the information. A hard copy of your assignment is due at the beginning of class on July 25, 2011.


[Name of Country]

General Information


Urban Population (percentage)

Major ethnic groups

Major languages


Major industries


Birth Rate

Net Migration Rate



Government Type

Freedom House Political Rights Score

Freedom House Civil Liberties Score

Gender Empowerment Measure (United Nations Development Program)

Press Freedom Index (Reporters Without Borders)


Economic Indicators

Gross Domestic Profit (GDP)

GDP per capita

Gross National Profit (GNP)

GNP per capita

Annual Growth (change in real GDP)

Inflation Rate

Unemployment Rate

Government Debt (i.e., owed by the central government)

Foreign Debt

Foreign Direct Investment (net inflow)

Net exports (exports minus imports)


Quality of Life

Percentage of Population below the poverty line

Human Development Index (United Nations Development Program)

            Life Expectancy at Birth

Mean Years of Education

Expected Years of Education

GNI Per Capita

Gini Coefficient

Literacy rate (women)

Literacy rate (men)

Environmental Performance Index (Yale University,


CO2 Emissions