The dutchman essay question | English homework help

Disset Clay’s monologue and use other plays assigned to class to identify specific ideas and concepts that resonate with the African American community. 


Other plays assignrd to class that could be used in the essay includes: 

A Sunday Morning In The South 

A Raisin In The Sun 

Big White Fog

Mine Eyes Have Seen 


I would like for you to use three of this plays to help identify specific ideas and concepts that resonate with the african american community along with The Dutchman. (Hint: It needs to support the play the dutchman) (The Dutchman is the main part and things that went on in the other plays should just support the ideas from Clay’s monologue.) But I do not think it is necessary to read those plays completely. Summaries are available and should be enough to write the essay. But you should read The Dutchman since the essay is mainly about that play. (It isn’t a very long play) The ideas and concepts that my professor is getting at includes basically the struggle that can come with being African American. You should get an idea once you begin to read the summaries of the other plays and the play The Dutchman. 


**YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT CLAY’S MONOLOGUE IN THE PLAY. It is the main part of the question. As for the other plays, you do not have to so much as tell the story behind them but rather examples from the additional plays I listed to support the ideas and concepts that you decide to write about that resonate with the african american community. Example of  an idea would be how african americans are judge and expected to be less than because of the traditions of slavery. You have to talk about how the unfortunate events such as slavery that leads to the african american being viewed differently and given the same opportunities. That is the direction that the paper should go in. AGAIN the point is to DISSECT CLAY’S MONOLOGUE in the play and alk about some of the ideas that he express that resonates with his community. 


I have include the other essay that another tutored wrote that is completely wrong so you can see what not to do. The play itself is the first attachment. It is fairly a short play.