The homelessness in the united states: a marginalized population

 Research Paper and Presentation Spring 2021 Each student is expected to conduct a thorough literature review and a presentation about a marginalized group not specifically covered in the syllabus. Topics and presentation date will be assigned in class. Research paper Each student will submit a research paper exploring their topic in detail. This paper should be 4-6 pages long (APA style) and cover the following content: (1) socio-political history (e.g., immigration history, invisibility in mainstream society); (2) group norms, values, beliefs, and/or lifestyles; (3) socio-economic and/or psychological impact of oppression; (4) implications for clinical practice; (5) ways to make changes to assist this group both as a member of society as well as a psychologist; and (6) your own process while working on this topic, what you were aware of and what surprised you, your own reactions and how doing this presentation and paper impacted your thoughts about this group. You must use at least 5 peer-reviewed articles published within the last 10 years as references for this paper. As this is a research paper, you are expected to cite more than 5 articles total. The number of articles you cite will vary based on the amount of research there is on your topic. If you have difficulty finding articles on your topic, please contact your instructor well in advance for assistance. You can also get help from the library.