The topography of hell | English homework help

Instructions: Three paragraphs in length (200+ words

In The Inferno, Dante depicts an allegorical journey through Hell. The topography of Hell is oddly specific in Dante’s poem. He gives a clear sense not only of the dimensions of the realm, but also the realm’s place in the universe as a whole. Most of the figures featured in Dante’s poem are being punished in Hell for one sin or another. Choose one and analyze the sinner’s punishment. In your response, you may want to discuss at least two of the followings:

  • Assess the punishment in terms of just or unjust
  • What purpose does the punishment serve?
  • What role does the geography of hell serve for that particular sin?
  • How does the punishment relate to the sin that was committed?
  • If you consider the punishment unjust, what would be the most fitting punishment?