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Assignment #1

Please write a one page response to the following.  

Identify two sub textual ideas from the short film Hills Like White Elephants.  What Is the most important sub textual idea and why?  Please use examples from the film to support your answer.  Then identify the secondary sub textual idea that you felt was also important.  You must use examples from the film for both of your ideas.  Feel free to use examples that I provided in the lecture but you must expand on in your own why you chose that example.  

Remember this should be in you own words and  you must provide examples/reasons for both sub textual ideas to obtain full credit.  Keep it simple.  Two really good paragraphs should be enough.  If you have any questions, please ask.


Assignment #2

Please write a response paper that covers the following.

  • Identify 3 major differences in watching “live” performances compared to film/television.
  • Identify 2-3 moments of picturization that occurred for you during the performances. It is 2-3 moments total NOT per performance.  You may not have had a moment of picturization for all of the performances and that is OK.  Please use examples from the performances to explain you “moments”
  • Choose which performance was your favorite and explain why. 

choose any live performance that happend in los angles