Their eyes were watching god


In their eyes were watching God, in chapter 10, Janie meets tea cake. After he leaves the store, Hurston writes:  “Janie was halfway down the palmedusson.comlined walk before she had a thought for her safety. Maybe this strongman was up to something! But it was not place to show her fear there in the darkness between the house and the store. He had hold of her arm too. Then in a moment it was gone. Tea Cake wasn’t strange. Seemed as if she had known him all her life. Look she had been able to talk to him straight of! He tipped his hat at the door and was off with the briefest good night.” 

By the end of chapter 16 we see that Janie and tea cake are living together. Janie has had two previous husbands, Logan and Joe. What makes her relationship with Tea Cale different? Quote the novel and any secondary sources