Theological thinking paper | Article writing homework help


Topic: What do you think is the theological meaning of the last line of Philippians 2:12, “work out your salvation with fear and trembling”? 

Write a (10) to (12) page paper including title page, table of contents with Turabian style bibliography format.  *****Main focus of this class was studying Philippians 2:12-18****

Books used in this class are:

“Introduction to Biblical Interpretation” by William Klein, Craig Bloomberg & Robert Hubbard.

“Classic Christianity” by Oden.

Additionally (5) different sources should be used for this paper, including commentaries, articles etc. Only scholarly sources. Please include page numbers with the source when footnotes are used

Your explanation should contain at least the following components:

1. A summary of the Literary strategy, Communicative Intent, Strategic Intent and Application.

2. A summary of the schools of thought regarding the meaning of this verse.) What are the various ways this verse is understood and what is the argument used for each?)

3. Your personal analysis of this verse and its meaning, with clear explanation of your reasoning.

4. An application of your understanding of this verse to contemporary life and culture.