There is no shortage of comparisons between the united states and


There is no shortage of comparisons between the United States and other countries healthcare systems. Other nations have developed approaches to healthcare by developing policies that are fundamentally different to the United States, but there are times when there are similarities.

For this module’s discussion, please choose a country other than the United States to discuss.

For the initial post:

·Include at least three of the following information categories that can influence healthcare policy:

-The country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP);

-The percentage of the GDP spent on healthcare;

-Ratio of physicians to general population;

-Ratio of available hospital beds to the general population; and,

-The final legislative approval required for a policy to be passed.

·Why are these three (3) categories important to the discussion, in your view?

·What do these statistics likely tell us about the country, in terms of healthcare initiatives, problems, and proposed policies?

·Do you see this country’s healthcare approach and policies applicable to the US? Why or why not? Please discuss and support your position using scholarly resources.