This is my feedback from assignment 5. she want you to use assignment


This is my feedback from assignment 5. She want you to use assignment five again with this assignment. I will attach assignment five again for you to get the information that she want you to use.

As you know you were to pick a stock, download the stock data and do some analysis.

You were to write a one page introduction, create scatterplots (and include a sentence explaining each process to create. Create a couple of histographs and again explain the process. Calculate central tendency and standard deviation stats for two sets of data and again give us insight into your process to create. And it is always a good idea to add a summary.

So, you picked Amazon – good choice. Good job downloading the data.

Good work on 1 page intro.

Good job on scatterplots – think about labeling x and y axes on all graphs – US Dollars and DATE for example. Let’s your reader understand you results more quickly.

Histograms – well done – see above. Add trendlines for readability and understanding. What else might you add to graphs?

Good job with calculations on mean, median, mode and standard deviation.

I hope you are feeling good about your growing understanding of analytics!

Citations and Reference page – See notes on doc and see Writing Center for quick tutorials. All assignments should meet writing standards, have citations and reference page requirements.

Think about adding summary on all papers.

Good work overall. Questions on next assignment – let me know!