Topic questions 1-3 | English homework help


Based on the SlideShare listed in the “start here” area, identify two concepts (Production, Product, Selling, Marketing or Societal Concept), then match a company that shows evidence of practicing in support of this particular concept.  Explain in some detail how and why they practice this concept.  Ideally, marketers try to reach the Marketing or Societal Concept to match their marketing mix and practices too, however that is not always attained.  It’s good to show companies that have attained these concepts and ones that are working within the first three as they strive to reach the last two (Marketing and Societal).  (Hint: each concept treats their target consumers very differently due to their perspective)


Now, let’s shift gears and focus on (In the Learning Resouce list), Introduction to Consumer Behaviour by BLYTHE, page 10-12 the discussion focuses on “Relationship Marketing vs. Transactional Marketing”.Identify one retail brand that (in your opinion) practices Relationship Marketing and one retail brand that practices Transactional Marketing.  Support by citing TWO reasons why each are examples of the respective types of marketing.  DO NOT repeat another classmates examples.


The department furnished a NUMBER of resources from different authors in the field.  I’ve been doing this for 20+ years and when someone asks me what I do I say this (or close to it) “I consult, research and teach the area of marketing that explains the “why” people buy.”  Now, that is really simplistic, but it gauges if they are interested in me explaining further.  In your own words, you explain what you believe “Consumer Behavior” is and encompasses.