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1.The high divorce rate in America indicates that people are disenchanted with marriage.

2.In about half of all American couples marrying in a given year, one or both partners have previously been married.

3.Divorce statistics indicate that the institutions of marriage and the family are in a state of decay and breakdown.

4.Less stigma is probably attached to a 40-year-old divorced individual than to a person of the same age who has never been married.

5.In most cases, divorce is a spontaneous act.

6.Many partners report shock and dismay when the initiator finally makes it clear that he or she wants to end the relationship.

7.Women entering the work force and earning family income have helped stabilize the divorce rate.

8.The emotional divorce is when partners are able to let go of their past marriage and build a new, independent life on their own.

9.When a divorce occurs, the community is not as willing to step in and help in the same way as when there is a death in the family.

10.It is important for anger to be part of divorce, because anger may be the means of finally breaking the emotional bonds that remain between the former spouses.

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