Watch the Week 2 Cheddar Chat Video

Watch the Week 2 Cheddar Chat Video and then do the following:

For your initial post in the Week 2 Cheddar Chat, think about Jon’s Live Lesson lecture, then write about your company’s design (one you work for, have worked for, want to work for, or want to create).

Some questions to consider when formulating your response include: How will your employees be grouped? What should your office atmosphere and culture look and feel like? Who will perform key functions? Will you use self-managed teams? How will you encourage autonomy and innovation as well as a customer-centric focus?

Keep in mind everything we’re discussing and reading about this week from self-managed teams to hybrid roles when devising your plan. ***Please note that it is not necessary to answer all of the questions listed; they are meant to be used as a guideline for developing your response. To complete the Week 2 Cheddar Chat, comment beneath the Week 2 Cheddar Chat video on Facebook. Your initial post should be at least 2 paragraphs in length written or one to three minutes if you choose to respond by video instead, and should be posted by Wednesday midnight. Be sure to embrace the collaborative spirit and comment on the posts drafted by at least two of your peers as well (due by Sunday midnight, but the earlier the better to keep the conversation going). You never know where your idea sharing will lead! As you recall- Brin and Page met at Stanford. Looking forward to some innovative discussion

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