Week 3 discussion/assignment | Information Systems homework help

Due – June 16, 2015 by NOON


Please see attachment for Week 3 Assignment 1



Week 3 Discussion


B. Imagine that there is a version of The Open Window set in today’s culture of technology. How might the characters’ life experiences and technology be reflected in the action in the story? Cite at least two different waystechnology might have been used by the characters in the story to change the story line and explain the plot change that would have occurred due to the use of technology.


To prepare for the Discussion:


  • Return to Week 3 Notes and Readings and access the section of Saki’s The Open  Window- Attached Below. Think about different versions of movies you have seen or historical events that change with growing evidence
  • Have you ever had the experience of being given false information about a new situation?
  • Whose version of events is more “real”?
  • How is a story, a painting, or a song a kind of virtual reality?