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Weekly Discussion 1

Correlation and Regression Study

During this week you will identify a research question created in Week 1 for which correlation or regression would be the best statistical approach to take. If you do not have a research question that indicates correlation or regression, review the research questions posted by your peers last week and select one that is ideal for correlation or regression.

Discussion Assignment Requirements

Initial Posting – In your initial posting for this assignment, include the following:

· Identify an appropriate research question that would require the use of correlation and regression to answer.

· Describe why this question is appropriate for a correlational study.

· Identify the two variables in this study and each of their attributes: discrete or continuous, quantitative or categorical, and scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio).

· Do the variables fit the qualifications of a correlational study? Explain.

· What type of correlation would you expect to find for this study (i.e., positive or negative)? Explain.

· What predictions might you be interested in making with these variables if the correlation is found to be significant?