What current musician do you think will stand the test of time?

Drawing on all that youve absorbed about argumentation and composition during this course, write an original, formal Argumentative Paper on one of the following topics. If you wish to write on another topic, you must get my (Robs) permission – failure to do so will result in a 10% grade deduction.

The Topics

-Is fracking worth the environmental cost?

-When is the use of military force justified?

-Should marijuana be legalized?

-Are the Olympics still relevant?

-What current musician do you think will stand the test of time?

-What is more important: our privacy or national security?

-What film deserved to win Best Picture at the Oscars this year?

-In this digital age, are books obsolete?

– Should late-term abortion be legal in Canada?

– Should seal hunting be banned outright?

Ensure that your paper has a sound thesis statement and an effective structure. Keep in mind specificity, and clarity, and directness while writing. Avoid stereotypes and generalizations. You must engage with at least one counter-argument. Remember to define the terms youre dealing with.

Parameters: 3-5 double-spaced pages, 12 pt. font, with 1-inch margins. Please do not submit as a pdf. Any sources used (and especially quoted!) must be cited (and you must include a Works Cited page with a consistent style).

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