Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the market?

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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the market?
A. Aggressive Competitors
B. Demanding Creditors
C. Patient Stockholders
D. Aggressive Vendors
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When you are operating a business in the current environment,holding on to your promise to run an ethical business can be:
A. very challenging.
B. impossible.
C. easy.
D. relatively easy.
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For an ethical culture to be __________, it has to persist withinthe operational policies of the organization long after the publicscandal or the latest management buzzword.
A. rememberable
B. sustainable
C. effective
D. efficient
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Which of the following is NOT a stage in creating a long lastingethical culture?
A. Follow the competitors
B. Establish a code of ethics
C. Hire an ethics officer
D. Promote your organizations commitment to ethical behavior
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There is __________ perfect models for a code of ethics.
A. several
B. numerous
C. a few
D. no
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Which of the following is NOT a consideration in creating a code ofethics from scratch?
A. Get endorsement from management from various levels
B. Find a champion
C. Pick a well-tested model
D. Try it out first
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Even though your code of ethics is written for employees to follow,your __________ aren’t required to follow it.
A. shareholders
B. vendors
C. stakeholders
D. creditors
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Which of the following is NOT an objective of departmental ethicstraining?
A. Recognizing the ethical issue
B. Discussing options for an appropriate response
C. Selecting the best option for the organization
D. Comparing the ethical issue to the code of ethics
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The hiring of a(n) __________ represents a formal commitment to themanagement and leadership of an organizations ethics program.
A. chief operations officer
B. ethics officer
C. conduct officer
D. organizational officer
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__________ is the chief responsibility of an ethics officer.
A. Establishing company policies and procedures
B. Overseeing investigations of wrong doing
C. Oversight of hotline/guideline/internal reporting
D. Training design
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With standards of behavior specified in the code of ethics, alongwith the punishment served for failing to follow those standards,your ethics program can quickly become:
A. very harsh.
B. rigid.
C. stagnant.
D. flexible.
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The threats of punishment must be:
A. delivered fairly.
B. congruent with the company’s ethics.
C. balanced with promised rewards for successful behavior.
D. delivered equally.
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An ethics policy commits you to doing the right thing for all yourstakeholders, therefore the message must be shared with allyour:
A. shareholders.
B. customers.
C. stakeholders.
D. government.
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Any organizations commitment to ethical performance must bewatched:
A. annually.
B. quarterly.
C. periodically.
D. constantly.
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