Who are you as a nurse?

Who are you as a nurse?

Although the article by Maria Shirey is focused on the CNS role, it contains information about “personal branding” that leads to assuming responsibility for one’s professional life as well as the enhancement of one’s professional values and workplace influences as a future RN-BSN nurse. Following the summary of Schawbel’s 4-step strategy for building a personal leadership brand found on page 12 of the article, answer the following questions.

Who are you as a nurse? What am I good at doing? What do I represent? What distinctive nursing talents do I possess? What do I bring to nursing that is unique unto myself?

What do you want to become well known for in your nursing practice? How will you assemble this in your own brand tool kit?

How will you communicate your brand? How will you convey a positive impression of yourself? How will you leave your personal mark when you leave work each day/evening/morning?

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