Wk 4 – project communication management plan [due mon] wk 4 – project


I attached the last two weeks’ assignments of the scenario. I also attached an example of a paper so you can you as a reference guide. 

Discuss what communication mediums/methods (i.e. email, etc) will be used for each project stakeholder (that you just identified) and why that method is the most effective.  Create a 550-word Communication Management Plan for the project scenario  

Develop a table (insert in your paper)….note…this is a table…like what you would create in MS Word with columns/rows) in which you identify project stakeholders and the table also indicates their influence on the project.

Make sure you discuss the information contained in the table. In other words, do not just include a standalone table (i.e. see my post in the Class Announcements as well on tables/charts/figures), there must be a discussion of what your table is showing and telling the reader. Note the Table contents are not counting against the word count for the assignment.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.