Wk 5 – apply: cryptography knowledge base article | CYB233 Ethical Hacking Part 3 | University of Phoenix

Because of growth within your organization, information and policies are in many locations and often poorly maintained. Your company has decided to start a knowledge base for each department that can be accessed by any employee on the company’s intranet. Your manager is aware of your success at the career fair and security presentation at the high school and has selected you to author the first article from your department on cryptography, encryption, and cryptanalysis. 

Write 2- to 3-page knowledge base article for your company’s intranet about encryption and cryptanalysis basics. 

Define cryptography, cryptanalysis, and cryptology. 

Explain the role and importance of cryptography for your company’s cybersecurity.

Summarize threats to the company from cryptanalysis. 

Identify at least 5 specific tools or techniques used in cryptography. Briefly explain each tool or technique you selected, including information like its attributes and the solution it provides.

Format your references according to APA guidelines.