Write a 3 page paper that addresses the following: identify, map,


Write a 3 page paper that addresses the following:

  1. Identify, map, and discuss the ‘playability’ within 5-10 minutes from Ithaca ny
    Assess the availability of safe and accessible play contexts for all ages, including but not limited to:
    • parks and playgrounds
    • museums
    • private and public play spaces
    • sports leagues
    • informal play opportunities
  2. Make at least 3 recommendations that might make the area in which you live more ‘playable.’
    • What decision-makers might be able to act on your recommendations?
    • What information would help decision-makers need in order to act on your ideas?
    • What would your recommendations cost in terms of – money, volunteer or paid time, equipment, etc.?
    • How would your ideas impact the well-being of children and adults in your community or neighborhood?
    • How could you build and engage the support of others to help decision-makers see how benefits would outweigh costs?

The book we are reading out of is called play, development and early education.

besides that just follow the directions