Write in a formal academic style.

Discuss the findings of your research and present your arguments based on these. Finally, form a conclusion for the report and outline your recommendation on the use of these strategies.
Please refer to the marking criteria below to better understand the expectations for your report.
? Use FIVE (5) academic sources, including the required reading. (Nulty, 2010)
? Present your report using one consistent referencing style (APA 6th edition).
? Show your knowledge of the topic area as it is discussed in the literature.
? Write in a formal academic style.
? You will need to undertake Secondary Research for the report.
You are expected to read and analyse of five academic sources relevant to the topic. You will then write a literature review in the background section of the report. This section of the report is written in essay format (including paraphrases, quotations, citations, correctly written paragraphs, appropriate introduction, and conclusion with a clear argument). A reference list of the sources used is included at the end of the report. Refer to text pp.293-295 and/or consult with your tutor.
? FORMAT OF THE REPORT: Refer to the example of a research report outline in the text pp180. The format could be as follows,

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