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Writing Exercise #14:  Write a short scene (1-2 paragraphs) describing your current town or the town where you grew up. Be as vivid as possible, and remember to incorporate all of the senses. You do not need to place anyone in the scene; instead, focus on your surroundings and try to incorporate elements of the town that go typically unnoticed.     Length: One to two paragraphs   Next, reflect on the essays by Laymon and Baldwin. In the essays, each writer discusses their surroundings and how these surroundings relate to their personal experiences/perspectives and the citizenry of the United States. Expand on the earlier scene and write a two-page story set in your town.    As you craft your story, consider the following:  In what way has your town shaped your perspectives and identity?  Who are the people in your town that you look to for comfort?  Who are the people in your town who are a source of conflict?  What is significant about your town, and what does a reader need to know?   Length: No more than two pages.

ive attached all the materials you will need