Writer’s notebook 5.2 | English homework help

For your final Writer’s notebook in this course, you will create an outline for the argument essay. Use one of the outline templates provided in the previous lesson “Basic Argument Essay Structure.”  You can then use the outline to help you focus and organize the first draft of your argument.

Reasons Followed By Counterarguments

I. Introduction

         Necessary Background


II. First Reason

         Topic Sentence

         Evidence & Explanation

         Wrap-up / connect to the thesis

III. Second Reason (same as above)

IV. Continue with more reasons

V.  Refute Counterarguments (Counterargument

paragraphs can go anywhere, but they often go

toward the end)

VI. Conclusion

          Might include a call to action

          Or a statement of the implications


I. Introduction

          Necessary Background


II. First Reason

          Topic Sentence



III. Refute counterarguments (if necessary)

IV. Second reason (same as II.)

V.  Refute counterarguments (if necessary)

VI. Continue with this pattern

VII. Conclusion

          Might include a call to action

          Or a statement of implications

My topic is :

Arguments for and against the use of Vaccines

Vaccines antigenic substances which are prepared using the agents which causes given diseases and used to provide immunity against particular diseases (World Health Organization). In many cases, a vaccine comprises of an agent that looks like the microbe that causes a disease and is usually prepared using killed or weakened form of the microbe, one of its superficial proteins, or toxins. Through the vaccine, the immune system of the body is stimulated to identify the agent as a threat to the body and kill it. The vaccine also prepares the body’s immune system to destroy any such agent or related microbe in future. Different people view vaccines differently, with some supporting their use due to the resulting health benefit while others oppose their use. 


Vaccination, particularly in children, ensures that children remain health and free from avoidable illnesses. Through vaccination, children are protected from severe diseases and complications resulting from complications which are vaccine-preventable (Schuchat). If not vaccinated, these complications may lead to limb paralysis and amputation, convulsions, loss of hearing, brain damage and even death. 

            Through vaccination, a dramatic decrease in infectious disease cases in the United States. However, such diseases are still widespread in other countries and are brought to the U.S. by people visiting America from such countries. Instead of prohibiting such travelers, the most plausible thing to do is subjecting them to tests and subsequent vaccinations. Equally, U.S children can easily contact such illnesses from the visitors or when they travel to risk countries.  

            Vaccination is the most substantiated and sanctioned method of disease prevention in the United States and the world over. It is safe and very effective since vaccines go through a lengthy and careful analysis by doctors, scientists, and the government just to ensure that they are safe. Further, big medical organizations such as the American Academy of Family Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Center for Disease Control all endorse the use of recommended vaccinations. Thus, there is no reason why people should be ambivalent about the use of vaccines. 


Most people who are against the use of vaccines argue from the Biblical or religious point of view. Such arguments are related to the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. Some anti-vaccinationists are of the opinion that in the past, pandemics of infectious diseases such as smallpox have affected populations which are highly vaccinated (Sfetcu).  

            Many people who are against the use of vaccines have misconceptions about it. For instance, some believe that vaccination causes autism. Others believe that there has not been sufficient research in the field to prove that vaccines are actually safe. However, it is clear that these are just delusions, or fabricated lies made to distract people from using vaccines.