Writing a business letter | Management homework help

Write a Business Letter

Write a letter using Microsoft Word asking a local business (real or imagined) to hold an event or to donate funds for your charity (real or imagined). In the body of the letter ensure you name your charity, what the donation will be used for, the benefits your charity offers to the local community and your contact information. Please read through the remaining directions and information. View the following links to learn about the setup up of a business letter

NOTE: No templates are to be used for this assignment

  1. The content (body) of the letter is two paragraphs. The second paragraph would include contact information.
  2. No templates can be used for this assignment. You need to start from a blank word document and complete the letter without the use of a template.
  3. Include sender’s address, date, inside address (is the address for the person to whom you are sending the letter and is right before the salutation – see the links above), salutation, body of the letter, and signature block.
  4. Include a bulleted or numbered list of at least three items in the body of the letter. For instance, this could be for how the donation will be used, benefits of your charity, or ideas for an event.
  5. Change the font of the signature in the signature block of the letter so that it is a different font than that used in the rest of the letter.
  6. Use at least two other font features like font size, bold, or underline in the letter. For instance, you might italicize the signature or contact information, change the font size of the bulleted list, underline the phone number, bold the name of the charity, etc.
  7. Save your file as CS105_Week1_LastnameFirstInitial.