You are expected to give a brief introduction explaining the challenges of maintaining an ‘ethical’ supply chain

Seuring, Stefan, and Martin Müller. “From a literature review to a conceptual framework for sustainable supply chain management.” Journal of cleaner production 16.15 (2008): 1699-1710.
Question:Using theory from the module (particularly but not exclusively the final three topics) and research from current and reliable sources discuss the ethical challenges that organisations face as suppliers to low cost clothing retailers. In the light of reports on unethical and dangerous manufacturing processes what conclusions can be drawn about the ethical responsibilities of retailers or producers in the supply chain in ensuring the safety of workers in supplier or subcontractor companies? Should consumers take any responsibility for ensuring that the products that they buy are made safely and ethically?
o You are expected to give a brief introduction explaining the challenges of maintaining an ‘ethical’ supply chain
o Develop your discussion linking module theory to your research examples.
o Using current sources of reference introduce examples that will support your conclusions.
Additional Information for the essay: You are asked to argue in support of your own judgement and concentrate on critical thinking and reflection. This requires that you select the most convincing explanations of events on the basis of your analysis and build up an argument in defence of the best interpretation in your view of business and management situations.
You may use headings, diagrams, and/or brief tables etc. to illustrate points and as evidence to back up your argument. These should be relevant and their significance to your argument should be clear.
Structure of Work: Note – you are not required to adhere to the ‘essay’ or ‘report’ formats as defined by the Academic Skills Unit but must have a professionally presented clear structure
You are expected to use in-text referencing throughout and the use of Harvard Referencing is essential。
Word count must be adhered to with an allowance of +/- 10%,2000word。

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