you have been asked to inspect the financial statements of the chopper builders comp 4352211


You have been asked to inspect the financial statements of the Chopper Builders Company. For each item below, indicate which financial statement you would inspect to determine the information noted. Use the following letters to indicate the individual financial statements.


a.Income statement

b.Balance sheet

c.Statement of stockholders' equity

27.Total amount of dividends paid during the year, including any that were paid in a form other than cash.

28.Accrual-based results of the current period's operating activities.

29.The average price that was received for shares of the company's common stock when originally sold.

30.Total price paid to obtain the goods that were sold this period.

31.The amount of receivables owed to the firm at the end of the period.

32.Cost of buildings and machinery the company owns.

33.The cumulative amount of profits the company has earned over its life that have not been distributed to owners.

34.The total amount of stock issued during the year.

35.The amount of credit purchases not yet paid for.

36.The sources of finances used to acquire resources.


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