You have been hired by a medium-sized (approximately 200 employees)

You have been hired by a medium-sized (approximately 200 employees) widget manufacturing company to do a complete evaluation of their computer needs and make recommendations to them about an information system to support their business. Currently several of their support departments are using manual processes and they wish to automate their accounting and human resources business processes. They also want to harness the power of the Internet in their business.

1.       Written Report A five- to eight-page, double-spaced report in APA format, which is done in Microsoft Word and addresses the following topics, giving support to your recommendations:

· The components of the system that you recommend including input devices, output devices, and storage

· The operating system, utility, and application software that you recommend

· The company’s communication and network needs

· The database management system that you recommend

· Information about development of the information system

· The enterprise integration of the new information system

· Your plan for the company’s utilization of cloud storage

· Your recommendations for harnessing the power of the Internet and the World Wide Web to give the company a competitive advantage




2. Excel Spreadsheet Next you will do research to determine the cost of the various components that you are recommending and create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with that displays this information clearly to the company executives. Your spreadsheet should calculate a total cost of the information system and display the individual components costs in a graph.